Omni/SCASH: Cluster-enabled Omni OpenMP on a software distributed shared memory system SCASH


What's the cluster-enabled OpenMP?

For programming distributed memory multiprocessors such as clusters of PC/WS and MPP, message passing is usually used. A message passing system requires programmers to explicitly code the communication and makes writing parallel programs cumbersome.

OpenMP is attracting wide-spread interests because of its easy-to-use parallel programming model. Our goal is to enable OpenMP to transparently program for distributed memory environment such as a cluster of PC without any modification of a OpenMP source program.

While OpenMP is designed as a programming model for shared memory hardware, one way to support OpenMP in a distributed memory environment is to use a software distributed shared memory system (SDSM) as an underlying runtime system for OpenMP. Cluster-enabled Omni OpenMP on SCASH is an implementation of Omni OpenMP compiler for a software distributed shared memory system SCASH running under SCore Cluster System Software.



How to compile and run your program on your cluster

To test your installation, "Omni/tests/scash-test" directory contains some sample programs.