Advanced Course for High Performance Computing (High Performance Computing Technology) :FY2019 Lecture Annoucement

Time and Place

  • Autumn AB semester, 2nd and 3rd time slots (10:10-11:25, 12:15-13:30) of every Wednesday
  • Room SB0110
  • Lecture by Taisuke Boku (taisuke [at] and Daisuke Takahashi (daisuke [at]
  • All the contact mails and reports MUST BE SENT FROM YOUR UNIVERSITY ACCOUNT. Open account such as gmail, icloud, etc. cannot be used since we cannot recognize you are really the submitting student. We will not accept any report mail from outside account of university.

News (latest on top)

  • All the Lecture Notes are uploaded to Manaba's Course Contents of this class.

Schedule and lecture note

(All the lecture notes are uploaded to Manaba's Course Contents from this year.)

10/021Boku"Scientific computing and HPC"
10/092Takahashi"Basic knowledge on parallel numerical computing"
10/163Boku"Parallel processing architecture"
10/234Takahashi"Parallel numerical algorithm"
10/305Takahashi"Parallel programming"
11/06------(No class due to replacement with Monday classes)
11/136Boku"Bandwidth + Vector Processing"
11/20------(No class)
11/27------(No Class for entrance examination preparation)
12/047Takahashi"Performance tuning"
12/189Boku"Case study on supercomputers"


Evaluation is based on final report at the end of semester.

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