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[PHOTO] University of Tsukuba University of Tsukuba

Osamu Tatebe, Ph.D.

Center for Computational Sciences
University of Tsukuba
1-1-1 Tennodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 3058577 Japan

Department of Computer Science,
Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering,
University of Tsukuba

College of Information Science,
School of Informatics, University of Tsukuba

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JST/CREST Development of System Software Technologies for post-Peta Scale High Performance Computing
FY2011-16 Research Topic: System Software for Post Petascale Data Intensive Science

JST/CREST Advanced Core Technologies for Big Data Integration
FY2013-17 Research Topic: EBD: Extreme Big Data - Convergence of Big Data and HPC for Yottabyte Processing

Research Topics

Parallel and Distributed System Software
Data-Intensive Computing
High Performance Computing


Gfarm Grid File System
MGCG Method -- Multigrid Preconditioned CG
Parallel Gaussian Elimination -- 1st prize winner of PSC95
syncdir -- synchronize two directories

Osamu Tatebe
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